Wednesday 11 January 2017

NARSissist L'Amour, Toujours L'Amour Eyeshadow Palette - Review & Swatch

Today I want to share my review of the L'Amour, Toujours L'Amour Eyeshadow Palette by NARS. I am probably one of the last people to review this because the palette came out quite a while ago, but today seemed like the right time to talk about it.

The L'Amour, Toujours L'Amour Eyeshadow Palette is an Autumn/Winter palette with 12 different shades of eye shadow ranging from a nude beige to bright blue and steel grey.

L'amour toujours l'amour eyeshadow closeup

From left to right and top to bottom:
I - Cream Bisque
II - Shimmering Pink Sand
III - Amethyst Ash
IV - Black Truffle
V - Golden Starlight
VI - Sunburst Copper
VII - CafĂ© Au Lait 

VIII - Pistol Grey
IX - Industrial Steel
X - Regal Blue
XI - Shimmering Taupe Cashmere
XII - Shimmering Liquorice

NARS L'amour toujours l'amour palette swatch

Looking at my swatch, you can see that the colours are very well pigmented. I really did not need a lot of product to make the colours stand out and the eye shadow applies very easily. With regards to the pigmentation, I must admit that I did use a primer underneath the colours though. The texture of the shadows is beautiful - almost creamy and super soft.

I really love the variety of colours. Most of them are shimmers but there are some matte shades as well. No matter what your style is, I believe this is an all-round palette in which most of us should be able to find something we like. Whether you are looking for everyday natural makeup or a heavier smokey eye for a night out. Overall a very good quality palette.

L'amour toujours l'amour palette mirror packaging

The packaging of the palette is simple yet stylish. The colours come in black plastic setting which I think is nice because it makes the colours stand out even more. The top of the lid is a mirror with the NARS logo printed across in white. The inside of the lid is one big mirror which I really like. It allows you to view your eyes together with the rest of your face. Sometimes with smaller palettes I tend not to use the mirror because it makes me focus on my eyes too much and forgetting what other makeup I am wearing and how my eye makeup fits with the rest of my face. Having a large mirror inside the actual palette is great for traveling when you don't want to be carrying your big makeup mirror around.

NARS L'amour toujours l'amour eyeshadow palette flatlay

What can you do with the palette?
To show you a little taster of what you can do with the palette, I have created a natural look with a black winged eyeliner (my first ever wing! I am quite proud). Now, please bear in mind that I am not great at making pictures of my own eyes ;-)

NARS makeup look open eye

NARS makeup look closed eye

On my eyelid I applied Cream Bisque, blended towards my eyebrow. Then I applied Amethyst Ash in the crease of my eyelid and along the bottom of my eye, finished off with a bit of Golden Starlight in the inner corner of my eye. Add a black eyeliner wing and voila! Next time I might try something more daring for my review but hey I am still learning to get used to that!

Price vs Quality
The L'Amour, Tojours L'Amour Eyeshadow Palette is available via the NARS website at the price of £55. For me this is quite a lot of money and a couple of years ago I probably would have never spent that much. However, I have learned that sometimes it's better to spend more on a few good quality products rather than buying multiple cheaper products. The eye shadows are of really good quality and because of the variety of colours you may not need much else. It might just be worth the money! :)

NARS l'amour toujours l'amour eyeshadow palette

I hope you enjoyed my review and swatch of the L'Amour, Toujours L'amour palette by NARS and that you found it useful. Thank you for reading!

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