Friday 27 January 2017

January Blues? So What!

So we all know about the January blues. Christmas and NYE have gone, we are all pretty broke after the holidays and it's grey, dark and cold outside, well at least if you live in the UK like me! So what do you do next?

I decided to stick my head in the sand, pretend none of it exists and go spend some money on myself. This year I have decided to invest in me and the things that interest me, such as my blog. How better than to buy myself some more beauty items to review? :) Now normally this would result in a big beauty or makeup haul in which I spend way too much money, but unfortunately with buying makeup comes the need to find a place to store it all and ever since I started Beauty on Review (which was only 6 months ago!) I have started to run out of space! So instead of makeup and beauty products, I decided to look for some storage options.

Medium acrylic storage box with lip products

One thing I have been meaning to buy are some transparent acrylic drawers. I absolutely love the look of them, especially when they are all filled with makeup. One thing that kept putting me off though is the price, as they usually don't come cheap. Luckily I had an Amazon voucher left so I decided to start there and ended up finding some really nice ones within my budget!

Large clear acrylic box filled with cosmetics

I ended up buying two boxes with three drawers each - a large one for palettes and bigger items and one for smaller things such as my lipglosses and lipsticks. It's amazing how many lip products I have for someone who hardly ever wears them!

I'm so glad I bought these boxes! I absolutely love how luxurious my makeup looks in them. Another great thing about these drawers is that you can pull them out completely so great to use as display trays as well!

Storage tray with reiss, clinique, nude by nature and catrice makeup

Storage tray with tarte makeup

The large box is H 112 x W 232 x D 161 mm and is available here. The small box is H 114 x W 122 x D 166mm and is available here.

So that's how I've tackled January - a little retail therapy is always good in my book!

How did you tackle the blues and how do you store your makeup? I would love to read all about it so leave a message below!

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