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My Full Face of Technic Cosmetics: Bargain or Not Worth It?

When I browse social media platforms like Instagram I mainly see two things: luxury, high end makeup items such as Charlotte Tilbury, Chanel, Kat Von D and Fenty Beauty, or I see drugstore brands that are very popular such as MUA and Makeup Revolution. Sure, those brands are very much out there and I too love talking about them. But what about the not so well known brands? And how do you find out more about them in this massive world of beauty on the internet? I have been dying to talk to you about bargain brand Technic for a while now so I have decided to dedicate this blog post to it.

Technic Cosmetics Face Products

Technic is a drugstore beauty brand that is available on the internet as well as in selected stores. I randomly came across it in a shop and was intrigued. They offer super affordable items so I decided to buy some to see if they are any good. I must admit that over time, I have become a bigger advocate of the more luxurious brands as I find that even though they appear to be more expensive, high end products actually last longer which kind of counteracts the money spent. Another reason I tend to go for the more expensive items nowadays, is the fact that most of them are cruelty free and sometimes even vegan too. This has become such an important thing over the past few years and if I can support it, I really feel that I should.

Technic cosmetics are actually cruelty free as well, which I think is amazing seeing how cheap they are. But obviously being cruelty free does not necessarily mean that they sell good makeup so I have tested some items for you. Let's see if they are worth it!

I have picked a selection of items to be able to create a full face of makeup so I can give you an overall idea.

I started off with the Primer Spray. It comes in a useful little bottle of 31ml - perfect for travelling. The Primer Spray sprays evenly, smells nice and absorbs quickly. I must admit though that I am not a huge fan of sprays as I feel they get everywhere! But this is a good spray and at the end of the day my makeup was still in place.

Technic Cosmetics Foundation Contour Stix

For my foundation I used the Foundation Mousse in Beige. The mousse feels lightweight, offers light to medium coverage, is slightly buildable and gives a matte finish. I found this foundation easiest to apply with a dense, short haired brush. This foundation feels very light to the skin, is easy to blend and does not feel greasy. After wearing it all day, there was some movement around my nose and t-zone area where my skin tends to get oily, but not too bad.

Next up are the Contour Stix for concealing, contouring and highlighting. If you have read my Fenty Beauty x Technic Cosmetics post, you probably know I am not a big fan of these crayons. They feel quite greasy, are difficult to blend and I feel that I am wearing them, so the formula is a bit too heavy for my liking. In my opinion this formula is not great for delicate skin such as under the eyes.

Technic Cosmetics Translucent Powder

I set my foundation with the Superfine Translucent Pressed Powder. This powder is super fine and pleasant in use. The only thing I do notice is that it leaves a white-ish layer and I have the feeling this is because the powder contains talc. A slightly darker colour might solve that problem.

If the contour stix do not provide enough highlight and you want to take things to the next level, trying the Strobe FX Cream is a must. This cream is a liquid highlighter and can be used under foundation for a dewy look or on top for a more intense highlight. I absolutely love this product. The pigmentation is amazing and it blends super easily. I used the shade Sunkissed which is a little too dark for me and more of a bronzer than highlighter but the colour is really great.

Technic Cosmetics Colourfix Blush Palette

To finish off my face, I used the Colour Fix Blush Palette which is another amazing one with heaps of pigment. The colours of this palette range from nude beige to fuchsia pink so really all-round. For someone like me with light skin, the darker pink shades will probably not work as a blusher, but why not use them as eyeshadow instead? I applied the blusher with the Pro Powder Brush which worked really well. The brush is ever so soft, picks up the product well, and allows you to apply the blush evenly. With this palette I would definitely say less is more because the colours are so vibrant and intense, but you can build it up however you like.

For my brows I used the Brow Pow eyebrow powder. It looks like a brow pencil but has a sponge with powder on one side and a spoolie on the other side. The powder is slightly clay like, applies easily and is mess free. It's great to fill in brows. It comes in medium brown and dark brown. I used medium brown which is slightly too dark for me. I really love using it though so I hope a blonde one will follow soon!

Technic Cosmetics Eye Products

On my eyes I used the Eyeshadow Primer for shimmer eyeshadows as a base. This primer contains shimmer to make your eyeshadow pop, is easy to apply and dries quickly. Once dry, I find that it stays in place really well. The only downfall for me is that I think it contains alcohol which evaporates to make it dry quickly. I found that quite strong and it made my eyes water a little so it's not the most pleasant in use and it may put people off. But it definitely does what an eye primer is meant to do.

Technic Cosmetics Liquid Eyeshadow Swatches
From left to right: Eyeshadow Primer, Metalix Eyeshadow Cream
On top of the eye primer, I used the Metalix liquid eyeshadow. This reminded me a lot of the Stila liquid eye glitters. Although this one does not contain actual bits of glitter the way the Stila products do, it does contain a lot of pigmentation and it works in the same way that once it's dry, it stays superbly. This eyeshadow is blendable, as long as you blend it before it's dry. I used the shade Rosie Posie which is a rose gold/copper colour.

To finish off my eyes, I used the Mega Lash Water Resistant Mascara in black. One of the things I love about this brush is that it has quite dense bristles which allow me to apply the mascara without any lumps. The mascara dries easily and is very long lasting. It's definitely water proof as I had to use oil based makeup remover to take it off.

Technic Cosmetics Lipsticks

On my lips I used the Juicy Sticks in the shade So Fancy. The Juicy Sticks are lip crayons with a matte finish and I love the formula of these. So pigmented, long lasting and they feel amazing on my lips. I have also tried the Colour Max Lipstick which is even more matte than the Juicy Sticks and is even more pigmented. The colour I used of that one is Qui Madame! which is a rich, very dark plum/purple. Not a colour I would normally wear, but the lipstick itself is great and luckily it comes in a variety of colours.

Technic Cosmetics Lipstick Swatches
From left to right: Juicy sticks in Naked, So Fancy and Oxblood, and Colourmax Lipstick in Qui Madame!
I have used quite a few products to create my full face of Technic Cosmetics, and as you can see I was not impressed with all of their products. However, some of the items I used are amazing and seeing that most of the products are available for under a fiver, I think Technic Cosmetics offer great bargains. The blush palette, liquid eyeshadow and lipsticks stood out for me and I would definitely recommend those.

Full Face of Technic Cosmetics Selfie

Check out the Technic Cosmetics website for more information on the products. Technic Cosmetics are available from a number of local drugstores and online at Fragrance Direct.

Thank you for reading!

This post contains PR samples, however all opinions are my own. For more information, please check the PR/Disclaimer page.

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