Tuesday 1 November 2016

My favourite KIKO Milano autumn lippies

So a few weeks ago, I noticed the KIKO Milano shop in Birmingham and as I had seen their makeup advertised in fashion magazines I decided to go in and have a look around. I always thought that KIKO would be super high end and that I would not be able to afford anything but man was I wrong!

Kiko Milano autumn lippies overview

KIKO Milano is a professional Italian cosmetics brand that works with the motto "Be What You Want To Be". Their mission is to offer professional, good quality makeup at an affordable price. I have managed to snatch up some lip pencils that I am going to share with you :)

Kiko Milano autumn 2016 lipliner flatlay

Now I am pretty much a lipstick virgin if there is such a thing! I have tried some lipsticks in my life but have never found anything that works for me. As soon as I apply it, it looks nice for about 2 minutes. I must admit though, that I've probably never applied my lipstick the correct way, with a lip pencil underneath it etc. Which is why I am swatching four lip pencils for you in this blog post. Three normal pencils and one lip gloss pencil.

The lip pencils I have chosen are:

- Smart Lip Pencil 700 - Light Sienna
- Smart Lip Pencil 702 - Coral
- Smart Lip Pencil 712 - Rose Mauve
- Pencil Lip Gloss 12 - Wine Red

Kiko Milano autumn 2016 lipliner swatch

The Smart Lip Pencils are really great. They are matte and have a slightly creamy texture which makes them easy to apply. They provide very good coverage and they stay on even after drinking a glass of water. At a price of only £1.90 per pencil, I have to say I am very impressed by these.

The Pencil Lip Gloss is very soft and just glides on! The shade I bought is very pigmented, offering high coverage especially when applied over the lip pencil and for a gloss stays on quite well as well. I love this pencil gloss because it does not feel sticky unlike some liquid glosses I have tried and it's ever so easy to take with you and top up during a night out! At a price of £2.90 this one is again very affordable.

Kiko Milano lip colours makeup look rose mauve and wine red
In this picture I am wearing Smart Lip Pencil - Rose Mauve and Pencil Lip Gloss - Wine Red
Overall, I am very impressed with these. The KIKO MIlano pencils offer great value for money, offer long wear and the colours are gorgeous. Definitely my go-to lip pencil and one that will become a permanent member in my makeup bag!

Kiko Milano autumn lipliners

Have you tried any of these lip pencils before and what are your favourite Autumn colours? I absolutely adore the wine red this season :)

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