Tuesday 26 July 2016

My Experience: Free Hand Massage at Rituals!

Today I decided to go outside at lunchtime and pay a visit to House of Fraser. Little did I know I would end up having a free hand massage!

I met Mary, one of the girls of the Rituals section, who offered me a voucher for a free hand massage. As I was not in a rush to get back to the office, I decided to go for it straight away! 

Mary explained that Rituals uses Eastern traditions and materials to create unique products that are both luxurious in feel as well as having benefits such as cleansing and nurturing your body or offering a healthy detox. 

Mary showed me 6 ranges I could choose from, containing a cleansing foam, scrub, oil and hydrating moisturiser. After smelling all the different scents, I decided to go for the Ritual Of Ayurveda which aims to restore inner harmony.

My treatment started with the Yogi Flow Shower Foam used to wash my hand. This foam contains Indian Rose and Almond oil. I have used Rituals shower foam before and believe me, it is pure lush. Such a wonderful soft feeling. Next it was time for the scrub. The Himalayan Body Scrub also contains Indian Rose and Almond oil as well as Himalayan salt which scrubs and purifies. At first it was weird feeling a scrub on my hand because that's not normally something I do, but oh my did it leave my skin feeling soft!

The third step in my hand massage was the oil. Mary had actually mixed in some oil with the scrub and mentioned that by doing this, this would reduce the harshness of the salt on the skin. The Yogi Delight Shower Oil is absolutely divine. I was afraid this oil would leave my hand feeling greasy but the oil actually gets absorbed by the skin rather quickly.

The final step was the moisturiser for which Mary used the Honey Touch rich and nourishing body cream containing Indian Rose and Himalayan Honey. A beautiful, rich and velvety cream that left me feeling so pampered I forgot I had to go back to work!

Overall the hand massage took about 20 minutes but it felt so much longer and was just what I needed! My hand felt as smooth as it's ever done and the smell is amazing. I would definitely recommend this to anyone! I've pretty much spent my afternoon at work constantly smelling my hand. ;-)

I want to say thank you to Mary for taking care of me today, offering me lots of tips and for giving me the opportunity to write this blog review. 

Are you interested in any of the Rituals products? Please visit or visit your local Rituals counter.

This service was offered to me free of charge. Regardless of how the service was obtained, it remains my priority to give you, my readers, my honest opinion.

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