Wednesday 19 August 2020

Review: Peeling Marin Treatment at Moorhall Hotel & Spa + Thalgo Aftercare

**Disclaimer: This post contains products that were kindly gifted for the purpose of review and are therefore listed as an unpaid advertisement. All opinions are my own**


Earlier this year (before lockdown!), I was invited by Moorhall Hotel & Spa in Sutton Coldfield to come in for the Thalgo Peeling Marin Treatment. A set of three exfoliating sessions that claims to give you that "new skin effect" visible from the first treatment. Now that is a strong claim to make so of course, I had to check it out! Did the treatments and aftercare live up to their promise? Read on and find out.

A little bit about Moorhall Hotel & Spa

Moorhall Hotel & Spa is a four-star hotel located in Sutton Coldfield, West Midlands, UK. It has 83 rooms, 2 restaurants, meeting rooms, gorgeous grounds around the hotel and a leisure centre with indoor pools and a spa. Both the exterior and the interior are beautiful and it offers the perfect place to relax, away from all the hustle and bustle of daily life.


The spa has 4 treatment rooms, including a double room where couples and friends/family can enjoy a treatment together. Other spa facilities include a spa lounge, spa bath, sauna and steam room and the hotel also offers leisure facilities including a swimming pool, gym and golf course, and a range of spa treatments.

What is the Thalgo Peeling Marin Treatment?


The Thalgo Peeling Marin treatment is the first marine peel that is rich in acids from fermented micronised marine algae dissolved in lactic acid which stimulates skin renewal, leaving you with that "new skin" effect which Thalgo claims is visible from the first treatment. You can have a Peeling Marin treatment on its own, as part of a treatment course of two treatments or an intensive treatment course of three treatments. During a course, treatments take place once a week.

Peeling Marin Treatment (Grade 1)

One 30 minute treatment with a light dose acid peel containing 5% fermented acids from micronised marine algae and 20% AHA/PHA complex which is a mix of Glycolic and Gluconic acids.


- smooth the skin

- brighten the complexion

- plump the skin

Peeling Marin Treatment Course (Grade 1 & 2)

Two 30 minute treatments with a medium dose acid peel. The first treatment is the same as the Peeling Marin Treatment (Grade 1), the second treatment is the grade 2 acid peel containing 10% fermented acids from micronised marine algae and 20% AHA/PHA complex.


- wrinkles are less visible

- tightened pores

- improved skin tone

Peeling Marin Intensive Treatment Course (Grade 1, 2 & 3)

Three 30 minute treatments with a stronger grade acid peel. The first two treatments are the same as the Peeling Marin Treatment (Grade 1) and the Peeling Marin Treatment Course (Grade 1 & 2). The third treatment is the grade 3 acid peel containing 15% fermented acids from micronised marine algae and 20% AHA/PHA complex.


- targets deep wrinkles

- more even skin tone

- improved firmness

Each treatment starts with a Pre-Peel Cleanse, followed by the peel which is left on for 3-5 minutes, the Post-Peel Neutraliser, the Soothing Repairing Balm which is left on for 10 minutes and finally the Sunscreen SPF50+.

My Experience

I was invited to have the Peeling Marin Intensive Treatment Course and had one treatment per week for 3 weeks. All three treatments were conducted by beauty therapist Laura. At the beginning of the first treatment, Laura talked me through each of the steps so that I knew what to expect. She was very knowledgeable and was able to answer any questions I had. Each treatment consisted of the following steps:

Step 1: Eye makeup remover

Step 2: Pre-cleanse in order to prepare the skin for the peel

Step 3: Acid peel - grade 1, 2 or 3

Step 4: Post-Peel Neutraliser which contains a 5% Alkaline solution with a soothing complex made with marine/Glycerine spring water

Step 5: Soothing Repairing Balm

Step 6: Sunscreen with SPF50+

The acid peel itself felt very gentle and there was no discomfort. After my first session, I could already see a big difference in how my skin was looking. Before the treatment, my skin looked dull but afterwards, my skin felt very soft and plump, and looked glowing. The line across my forehead appeared less visible and my complexion looked brighter. There was a little bit of redness but that disappeared almost instantly. There was no downtime at all. I totally get what they mean with the "new skin effect" and why someone would have this treatment a couple of days before a big event because my skin looked so much better straight away.

The second treatment was definitely a little more intense and I could feel a tingling sensation caused by the acids which got me worried for the third, stronger grade treatment. However, there was no need to worry. My skin did not experience too much sensitivity and any redness caused by the treatment disappeared soon after.

My face after the third treatment

I cannot believe how much of a difference this treatment has made to my skin. As a result of the three treatments, my skin has been smooth and glowing, fine lines have visibly reduced and overall my skin looks brighter and healthy. I have also noticed that as a result of the treatments, it has been so much easier to achieve a flawless makeup base. I am truly impressed and wish I had known about this treatment when I got married a few years ago because I would definitely recommend having this treatment a couple of days before a big event.

For full transparency, I was supposed to have a treatment every week for three weeks however, there were two weeks in between treatment 2 and 3 due to illness. I also want to point out that I have been genetically blessed with reasonably good skin, without any major problems. I am therefore unable to comment on how effective the treatment would be on problem skin.

In order to get the most out of the treatment and keep the skin in good condition, I was advised to repeat the treatment 3-4 times a year and to incorporate some of the Thalgo products into my personal skincare routine as aftercare.

Thalgo Aftercare


Following the Peeling Marin treatment at the Moorhall Hotel and Spa, Thalgo contacted me and asked if I wanted to include four of their Peeling Marin products in my review as part of my aftercare following the treatments. Great timing because using the Thalgo Peeling Marin products at home prolongs the result from the treatment.

Since the treatment, I have been using the following products:

Peeling Marin Micro-Peeling Water Essence (£32)


A thick water essence that contains 3% Acids from fermented algae and 1.5% AHA/PHA Complex. It promises to smooth the skin and refine skin texture. Key ingredients: Glycolic Acid and Niacinamide. 

Peeling Marin Intensive Resurfacing Night Serum (£65)


A serum that contains 5% Acids from fermented algae and 10% AHA/PHA Complex. It promises to exfoliate, refine skin texture and visibly show the "new skin" effect after 7 days. Key ingredients: Glycolic and Gluconic Acid.

Post-Peeling Marin Soothing Repair Balm (£31)


A rich balm that contains 34% Nutri-Soothing Complex and 2% Marine Mesolift. It promises to intensely nourish the skin to restore suppleness and comfort and is the ideal post-peel treatment. Key ingredients: Shea Butter, a mix of natural oils including almond oil and Hyaluronic Acid.

Post-Peeling Marin Sunscreen SPF50+ (£29)


A rich cream that offers UVA/UVB protection, and claims to be non-greasy and does not leave a white cast.

As part of my post-peel aftercare and in order to prolong that "new skin" effect, I have been using the water essence and night serum every other day as part of my evening routine. You can use the water essence in the morning and the serum in the evening, but I tend to use acids in the evening only and my skin has really enjoyed layering the two products.

The water essence has a beautiful thick water consistency and is absorbed quickly without leaving the skin feeling tacky. I apply a few drops of the essence with my hands by patting it onto the skin, followed by 10 drops of the serum. Both products are beautifully lightweight and are absorbed quickly. What I love about the serum is that it's strong enough that you can really feel it do something. It gives a little bit of a tingle but nothing uncomfortable and my skin feels soft the following morning.

One thing to bear in mind is that the two products do have quite a strong marine scent. I personally don't mind using fragranced skincare however this might not be the same for everyone.

The Post-Peeling Soothing Repair Balm is the same balm that was used in my treatments. The directions state to apply it after the peel and leave it on, however I prefer using it the same way it was used during the treatments, leaving it on for 10-15 minutes before removing it with a damp cloth. Kind of like a mask. One of the main ingredients of the balm is Shea Butter which tends to be too heavy for me so by using it as a mask, I prevent my skin from breaking out whilst still benefiting from its nourishing properties.

The sunscreen is one I have been so impressed by. It does what a sunscreen is supposed to do, but it has such a nice light texture. It absorbs perfectly and does not leave any white cast or greasy feeling whatsoever. Definitely a winner in my book. It is so important to always wear an SPF, especially after using a peel because your skin will be sensitive. It does not matter whether it's cloudy, you're inside in front of a window, SPF always!

Final Thoughts

Overall I have been so impressed with the both the treatments as well as the aftercare products. My skin has definitely improved since I started. Fine lines and pores appear less visible, my skin tone is more even and my skin looks plump and healthy. As with everything, consistency is key but if you are looking for that "new skin" effect, I would definitely recommend the Thalgo Peeling Marin.

The 3-course Thalgo Peeling Marin treatment at Moorhall Hotel & Spa costs £150 (£50 per session) . The treatment was kindly gifted for the purpose of review.

I hope you have found this review useful. If you have any questions about the treatment or the products, feel free to contact me via the contact button on the website. You can also find me on Instagram - @_beautyonreview and my DMs are always open. :)

Thank you so much for reading!


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