Sunday 1 December 2019

Review: Essence Cosmetics Crystal Power Collection

**Disclaimer: This post contains products that were kindly sent to me for the purpose of review and are therefore listed as an advertisement. All opinions are my own**


Hello! I can't believe it's the first of December. Are you counting down til Christmas yet? Before I throw a little beauty gift guide your way, I wanted to share one more Autumn/Winter collection with you and you'll be pleased to know it's an affordable one. Meet the Crystal Power Collection by Essence Cosmetics. In this blog post I'll talk you through the products, show you some swatches and some makeup looks of course as well as giving you my honest opinion about each of the items to give you an idea. Does that sound good? Okay, read on!



The Crystal Power Collection launched in the UK back in October, and is inspired by the colours of crystals and the powers they have. The range consists of a number of products. First up is the Crystal Power Blush & Highlighter Palette (£5.99 - £6). The palette has four blush and highlighter shades of which two are highlighters and two blushers, all with a shimmer finish. Glowing Energy is a champagne highlighter with a golden shimmer. Shine Bright is white shimmer on a transparent base which reminds me of the Stila Heaven's Dew highlighter. Superpower is a dark mauve blush that is great when used with a very light hand or on darker complexions. Inner Happiness is a pink blush that adds a healthy glow and subtle colour. All four shades are beautifully creamy, there is pretty much zero fallout and they are ever so pigmented. I am very impressed with the quality of this palette and it doubles up as an eyeshadow palette too!



Talking about eyeshadow, next up is the Crystal Power Eyeshadow Palette (£5.99 - £6). The palette is made up of nine shades, one matte and eight shimmers, and comes with a generous mirror. I am surprised at how pigmented all the shades are, including the matte shade which is usually the problem with cheaper palettes. The shades have a nice, soft texture and I love the variety of shades. The matte shade is quite a bit more intense than the shimmer ones, but this allows you to add depth to your look and smoke it out. Overall a really lovely palette at only six pounds.


As part of their Autumn/Winter collection, Essence have also released the Epic Sunset Eyeshadow Palette (£9.99 - £10). A palette containing 14 highly pigmented shades that range from mattes to metallics. This palette is the perfect addition to the Crystal Power Collection, because it's a little bolder and more out there, which works perfectly in combination with the more neutral Crystal Power palette. Again this palette is super pigmented and the eyeshadows are lovely to work with. There is hardly any fallout, especially if you tap your brush before applying. What I also love about this palette is that the shades can be used wet or dry. Using a damp brush adds that bit of intensity that makes the colours stand out even more as you can see from the makeup look above.

To finish off the eyes, we have the What The Fake! Volumising and Lengthening Mascara (£3.49 - £3.50). This mascara contains nylon fibers that add length and volume. It has an almond shaped brush which I find really reaches all the lashes, even the little ones in the inner corner. The mascara is very pleasant in application, does not clump and I find it nice to wear throughout the day. My eyes are sensitive and many mascaras cause irritation, but I can easily wear this one all day without it bothering me.



For the lips Essence have released two types of lipstick. First up the Perfect Shine Lipstick (£2.99 - £3), a nourishing lipstick that has a shiny finish. The texture of the lipstick is beautifully smooth and creamy and it is packed with long lasting colour. It is available in six different shades of which I've got shade 05 Perfect Plan which is a lovely soft red. The lipstick contains Shea Butter and Vitamin E to nourish and hydrate. I love how pigmented this lipstick is and how pleasant it is to wear. It does not dry out my lips and unless I eat or drink, the lipstick generally does not need a touch up.


The second lipstick that is part of the new Autumn/Winter collection is the Crystal Power Colour Changing Lipstick in 01 Be Happy (£2.99  - £3). This funky looking lipstick looks glittery with a tiny hint of pink. When swatched, it initially looks like a transparent gloss, but after a while it turns into a lovely soft pink hue. It changes colour based on the pH value of the lips, so it can look a little different for everyone, which I find adds a bit of fun. The lipstick contains vitamin E to nourish and has a soft vanilla scent. I find that it almost works as a tinted lip balm although I do find that it sometimes feels a little artificial.


The final product I want to talk about is a nail polish. The Crystal Power Nail Polish (£2) is a nail polish with a shimmer finish, that comes in six shades, inspired by various crystals and the effect that they have. The polish claims to have such an intense coverage, that one coat is sufficient. I've tried shade 02 Be Strong, which has a rose gold finish. Although I am impressed by the amount of shimmer that one coat gives my nails, I prefer applying two coats. I would also suggest using a base coat and top coat to make the nail polish last longer. For two pounds it's a reasonable nail polish, but I must admit it's hard going back to regular nail polish after having used gel polish for ages!

So that's it! A new collection by Essence. It's been a while since I had used their makeup and I have been so impressed with this collection! The eyeshadows steal the show in my opinion and with those you have a true bargain. The eyeshadows are pigmented and so nice to use. Oh and the products are vegan and cruelty free. 

Have you tried any of these products? Hopefully this post has helped you get an idea. If you do happen to try any of the products, I would love to see your looks and hear how you get on! So please do let me know by leaving a comment or you can find me on Instagram.


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