Monday 4 November 2019

Review: Victoria Beckham Beauty Lid Lustre

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Victoria Beckham, in my book, is one of the most successful women in the UK. From the Spice Girls to her own fashion brand, from Estée Lauder to Victoria Beckham Beauty. That's right. Last September, Victoria Beckham Beauty finally launched. Starting off with four eyeshadow palettes, four eyeshadows and three eyeliners with lips to follow soon after. Is this just another mediocre brand attached to a famous face, or do the products really offer something worth buying? In this post I am reviewing two of the Lid Lustre single eyeshadows. Read on to see what it's all about.

Now I'm not normally one to run with every new release and jump on the bandwagon, so why did I go for these as soon as they were released? Well, as I mentioned in my intro, I find Victoria Beckham inspiring and when she released her first beauty line in collaboration with Estée Lauder back in 2016, it sold out immediately and I wasn't in a position to buy any of her products. So this time I decided to go for it and got my hands on the Lid Lustre eyeshadows as soon as they were released.



For Victoria Beckham Beauty, Victoria has partnered up with Sarah Creal, head of Global Makeup Development and Marketing at Estée Lauder, whom she also previously created her VB × Estée Lauder collections with. The idea behind this collection is "beauty in motion" and sustainability plays a big role. The cartons used for the outer packaging are made from 100% recyclable FSC and packaging materials include biodegradable foam. However there has been some criticism towards the 'clean beauty' claim that is made on the brand website, as Victoria Beckham Beauty is not completely plastic free and let's be honest, the idea of 'clean beauty' has become a trend rather than something based on scientific evidence.


Anyway regardless of all that, let's have a look at the Lid Lustre eyeshadows. They come in four different shades: Onyx, Blonde, Mink and Midnight, which are inspired by crystals Victoria likes to keep close for protection and healing. The Lid Lustre eyeshadows are infused with the crystals and offer a wet-look, high shine finish. I purchased two shades: Blonde and Midnight. Blonde is a pale crème with yellow gold pearl and is infused with Citrine. Midnight is a navy blue with silver pearl and is infused with Amethyst.


As you can see from my swatches above, the Lid Lustre eyeshadows are very pigmented. They are creamy and soft in texture and so easy to apply with either a brush or your fingers. I love the versatility and they are lovely to work with. You can either use them with a thin brush as an eyeliner, or blended out across the entire lid to create a smokey eye as you can see in the images below. Another great thing is that although they apply like a cream, once applied they don't move much and are actually quite long lasting.



In terms of price point, Victoria Beckham Beauty definitely belongs to the high end beauty category, with the Lid Lustre eyeshadows at £28 each for 5g. This is comparable to the Charlotte Tilbury Eyes To Mesmerise which are £22/7ml and the Hourglass Scattered Light Glitter Eyeshadows which are £28/3.5g. This might be on the steep side for some, but what I can say is that a little goes a long way and because the Lid Lustre eyeshadows are so pigmented, they do last a long time.

Have you tried any Victoria Beckham Beauty? I would love to hear your thoughts!

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  1. They look stunning but I really expected something a little more from her! I don’t think i’ll be purchasing. Love what you created with them x

    1. Fair enough! I don't think I'll be buying anything else from the collection but I'm happy I gave these a go. Xx

  2. Wow! I didn't know that Victoria Beckham has her own beauty company. According to these products, I am sure that her cosmetics are very expensive.