Thursday 6 June 2019

Trinny London: Stackable, Travel-friendly Makeup

**Disclaimer: The products in this post were kindly sent to me for the purpose of review and are therefore listed as an advertisement. All opinions are my own**
Image of products of Trinny London
Hello June! We are nearing Summer and the season of travel and holidays. As airlines are becoming stricter when it comes to baggage allowance, and are charging for absolutely everything (Yes Ryanair, I am looking at you. I can't believe you are charging for cabin luggage!), travel-friendly beauty is a must. Trinny London does not only satisfy your need for mini's, they are stackable too! The only thing is, you do have to spend a few pennies! But perhaps it might just be worth it? Let's find out..

Image of Trinny London BFF Cream Skin Perfector Swatch

Trinny London offers a variety of makeup products and pretty much everything you need to create a full look, with the exception of eyeliner and mascara. Let's start with the base. If you are a fan of light coverage and SPF all in one, the BFF Cream SPF30 Skin Perfector is perfect. The BFF Cream is only available in five shades, but don't let that fool you because these shades actually cover the entire spectrum of skin tones. How? It contains microspheres that adapt to your skin tone. Porcelain Flower extract boosts radiance, and reduces redness and dark circles. It's so innovative. Also useful to know, is that the BFF cream comes in a 30ml tube with a little jar for travelling. The BFF cream has a lovely light consistency and blends into the skin well. Despite containing an SPF, the cream does not feel greasy and does not leave a layer on the skin. It's perfect for that holiday 'no makeup' look, or underneath other foundations to create an even base.

Image of Trinny London Just A Touch Foundation Concealer Swatch in Bambi

For full coverage, Trinny London offer the Just A Touch Foundation/Concealer, a 2-in-1 product that allows you to cover imperfections without caking the entire face. Just A Touch has a creamy consistency which allows you to easily apply it with fingers. I am normally sceptical when it comes to cream concealers. The ones I've tried have been too greasy and heavy, but not this one. It feels soft, is blendable and not greasy at all. It works well for the undereye area and if you want, you could definitely use this to cover any redness and other imperfections. The 4g jar may seem small, but a little goes a long way as the coverage is amazing. Trinny London state that the jar lasts approximately 6 months, and I can see how that would be the case.

Image of Trinny London Cheekbones Contour Swatch in shade Kate

If you like to contour, the Cheekbones Contour and The Right Light Highlighter is what you need. Cheekbones comes in two shades: Kate, for lighter skin tones and Sophia for deeper tones. Kate is quite a cool tone which might be off putting to many, however the formula is super blendable and actually creates a very natural shadow which accentuates the cheekbone rather than adding too much colour and warmth. If you do prefer to add warmth, the Golden Glow Bronzer would work great in combination with the contour. As with the concealer, I would say less is definitely more because the contour is very very pigmented.

Image of Trinny London The Right Light Highlighter swatch in shade Stardust

The Right Light Highlighter is available in two shades as well: Starlight for lighter complexions and Sunlight for deeper ones. Starlight has a very fine, champagne colour shimmer, and adds a very soft, natural looking glow. I have to admit that I was hoping for a tiny bit more, because when they say near-invisible, they weren't lying! So be aware of that. If you're a fan of 'no makeup' makeup, you will love this one, but don't expect a popping highlighter.

Image of Trinny London Eye2Eye Eye Shade swatch in shade Desire

For the eyes, Trinny London have the Eye2Eye Eye Shade, a cream eyeshadow that comes in 20 colours, so a decent range. The amazing thing about the Eye2Eye shadows is that they are a cream, but work like a powder, without the spills. They are super easy to work with, using your fingers or a brush and they blend like a dream. I tried the shade Desire which is a warm, medium brown with burgundy shimmer. The shimmer is very subtle, so no need to feel like a glitter bomb has just exploded. When I first applied the eyeshadow with my fingers, I did feel that it was lacking in pigmentation a little, but it is super buildable as you can see from the above swatch, and it works really well with a brush. As Trinny mention, the Eye2Eye work really well, both as a sheer eyeshadow or intense after applying multiple layers. Because it reacts as a powder, the eyeshadow does not sit in creases the way a lot of cream ones do, and it is quite longlasting.

Image of Trinny London Lip Glow Lip Gloss swatch in shade Cordy

Finally I tried the Lip Glow Lip Gloss in the shade Cordy, which is a mix of rose and coral. It contains vitamin E and has the consistency of a tinted lip balm, so is not sticky at all. It enhances the natural colour of the lips rather than having a lot of colour of its own, which makes it great for everyday wear. As with any lip gloss, it does need regular touching up throughout the day. The Lip Glow is multipurpose and can be used on the cheeks as well, to add a little bit of colour. If you prefer a more creamy finish, and one that works as a cream blush as well, try the Lip2Cheek.

Image of Trinny London Makeup Stack

Worth the money?
Having explained the different products to you, you may wonder whether they are worth the money. Trinny London offer both individual products as well as sets, with the individual products setting you back roughly £25 per product on average. To many of us, this is a considerable amount of money. Although I cannot see inside your pockets and tell you whether you should or should not invest, what I can say is that the products are really good, and absolutely worth the money. If you are looking for travel-friendly makeup to create a natural looking look, I would definitely recommend this. However if you love your bright, outgoing colours, Trinny London may not be the brand for you.

Have you tried Trinny London? If so, I would really love to hear your thoughts, so please leave a comment below!

Thanks for reading.


  1. I am interested in the foundation- concealer. How long will it last and the cost

  2. Im.54 yrs old, live in Sydney Australia and trinny London is the best thing ive ever used. Her BFF cream and just a touch foundation is sensational. Gone are the days of caking on and looking like we are trying too hard. Recommend her products to everyone. Comments on my skin are never ending. Jad x

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