Sunday 21 January 2018

Easing Into The New Year With Percy & Reed Wonder To Go

January is usually the time of year when we get run down. I work in a very busy office that is severely understaffed, so when I stop working over the Christmas holidays and lose my normal routine, this often results in me getting the flu. The last few weeks, it's definitely been going around, so I'm guessing most of you know what I mean? This has actually been the first year in a while that I've managed to avoid becoming ill, mostly by taking a few steps back and making sure I get enough sleep. Now that's all great, but once you take that step back, I find that it can be really hard to get back into things, especially when you try to balance a full-time job with blogging, which on its own can take up just as many hours!


One of the things that can help you get back out there and back on track, I believe is feeling good about ourselves. We all know January is often seen as a dark month and one of dieting, but do we really need that, or do we just need to find a way to get the best out of ourselves? For me, a way to make me feel better is by having a good hair day. If my hair looks nice, and does what I want, it instantly makes me feel better.

One way to achieve this, is with a little help from Percy & Reed, a UK haircare brand set up by Paul 'Percy' Percival and Adam Reed. After having worked as hairdressers across the world, they decided to open up a salon in London, in order to provide their services to everyone, not just the A-listers. From there, they created a collection of modern cutting-edge yet wearable products for everyone to enjoy.

Over the last couple of weeks, I've been trying the Perfectly Perfecting Wonder Wash Shampoo and the Perfectly Perfecting Wonder Care Conditioner as part of the Wonder To Go set*. A few facts for those interested:


Wonder Wash Shampoo:

- Gentle SLS/SLES-free
- Hair type responsive
- Colour Protection
- Environmental Defence with wheat protein
- Moisture Balancing
- Re-conditioning with pro-vitamin B5


Wonder Care Conditioner:

- Gentle with Aloe Vera
- Hair type responsive
- Colour Protection
- Environmental Defence: protection against UV and changes in light and humidity
- Moisture Balancing
- Re-conditioning with pro-vitamin B5

My first impression: the packaging is amazing! I absolutely love the design. It's so elegant and classy and to me it screams luxury. The shampoo and conditioner have that lovely smell that salon haircare products often have. The shampoo has quite a thick consistency and lathers nicely. After washing your hair, it feels like the shampoo has left a layer on your hair, but in a good way. It's not a layer that weighs your hair down, but one that protects your hair from the things the environment and pollution throw at us. At least that's what it feels like to me.

The conditioner is creamy and normally that rings alarm bells with me for my fine hair. I have tried many conditioners and most of them have been way too heavy for me. When I wash my hair, conditioner has the tendency to suck the volume out of my hair, making me feel like I've got even less hair than I already do. This one however, even though creamy in texture, leaves my hair surprisingly light and bouncy.

I must also add that normally I have to wash my hair every other day as I suffer from oily roots. This does often leave my ends dry. I find that this shampoo and conditioner control the oiliness in my roots whilst leaving my ends nourished. I might even be able to skin an extra day before washing it again!


I have really noticed a difference in my hair's health since using the Wonder To Go set and I think I'll be adding these to my routine. This little set is great for travel too! The full size shampoo and conditioner come at £18 each per 250ml, with the Wonder To Go set, containing two bottles of 50ml each, costing £12. This is not normally the amount of money I would spend on my hair, but seeing the difference it has made, it might just be worth the investment.

Having a good hair day is obviously not the only way to get back into our normal daily routine. One little tip I want to give you before I go is one that I know many bloggers swear by: a weekly planner. I know most of us either have a diary or use our smartphones to plan appointments etc., but I find that there is something really soothing about having the week in front of you on an A4 sheet of paper. Most stationery shops stock them, and I even managed to find a couple of cute ones at Poundland and TK Maxx! Why not give it a go? It might be just the thing you need right now.


What do you do to get organised and ready to get back into things? Let me know in a comment below, I would love to read all about it!

The Wonder To Go set is available on the Percy & Reed website from the 1st of February.

Thank you for reading!

If you're interested in more haircare, check out my post on the Anthony John salon in Litchfield!

*PR/Gifted. For more information, please check the PR/DISCLAIMER page.

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