Monday 4 September 2017

Influenster x Max Factor: The First UK VoxBox*

I joined Influenster a few years ago after one of my friends from the US recommended it to me. She had been a blogger for years and I wasn't even thinking about starting a beauty blog back then. I'd always been interested in makeup though so I figured it would be good to sign up. For those of you not familiar with Influenster, it is a platform or community where people can discover and review products. Influenster also keeps you posted on the latest trends in all sorts of different categories such as makeup, skincare, health, food & drink etc.

When you sign up, Influenster creates your own personal dashboard through which you can keep track of things. It allows you to link Influenster to your social media accounts and you can complete activities through which you can earn badges. These badges are quite cool, because by completing the badges you increase your chances to win a VoxBox!

The VoxBox is really what it's all about. A VoxBox is a curated box that Influenster sends out to selected members so they can test and review the products inside. The boxes can either be brand specific or category specific. Now I am not going to lie, when I signed up to Influenster, a VoxBox was obviously what I was hoping for. So when I found out that Influenster was only sending out VoxBoxes to the US I wanted to cry! But this all changed earlier this year when Influenster announced its big step across the pond! 

When Influenster announced the arrival of the very first UK VoxBox which happened to be in the beauty category, I knew I had to get my hands on it and somehow I did! I am so excited, because the first UK VoxBox is in collaboration with Max Factor. 

The box contains three lip products of the Max Factor Colour Elixir collection:

- Universal Lip Liner - It's exactly what the name says it is, a colourless lip liner that can be used under any lipstick, regardless of what colour lipstick you're wearing. Nice and hassle free!

- Colour Elixir Lipstick in #685 Mulberry - A smooth, highly pigmented lipstick that moisturises the lips whilst giving them that amazing burst of colour.

- Honey Laquer Lipgloss in colour Honey Nude - A 3 in 1 lip laquer. Smooth as lip balm, shiny like lip gloss and the colour of lipstick.

I really like the sound of these items! Let's see if they live up to their promise. From the swatch below you can see that the lipstick is a gorgeous deep red colour. Great for Autumn/Winter and a night out, whereas the lip gloss is a lovely nude colour that I can easily pull off on a day at the office.
The lipstick is exactly as Max Factor describes. It is so soft and creamy and super easy to apply. The colour is gorgeous, very pigmented. The lipstick is shiny, rather than matte and I think that fits the colour perfectly. The colour is reasonably long lasting, although it does come off when eating or drinking. This is something I usually get with red lipsticks, so that's not a deal breaker for me. Wearing the Universal Lip Liner underneath protects my lips from drying out and the lipstick does not bleed as much as it would without the liner. 

The lip lacquer is a gorgeous nude colour, definitely more my sort of thing. I am not usually one to wear lip gloss because I tend to find them too sticky, but this one is actually not bad! I love the pigmentation of this lip gloss, which I think is better than most other glosses I've tried. The downside of a lip gloss is that they do not tend to last as long as a lipstick would, and this one is no different in that sense although it is definitely one of the better ones because of the amount of colour it contains.

Overall I am super pleased with this trio of Max Factor lip products and I think they're doing a great job for a drug store brand! They are super easy to apply, contain tonnes of colour and are so comfortable to wear throughout the day with the occasional top up. I would definitely recommend these to you lippie lovers out there!

Thank you for reading, I hope you have found this post useful! If you are interested in joining Influenster, please check out their page here. The Max Factor Colour Elixir collection and Honey Lacquers are available at Boots.

Thank you Influenster and Max Factor for sending me these products for the purpose of testing and reviewing them. I hope this is the start of many more exciting VoxBoxes!

*Please note that even though these products were send to me complimentary, my opinions are 100% honest and my own. For more information, please check my PR/Disclaimer page.

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