Wednesday 15 February 2017

How I Relax After Work with Essential Oils

This week I am writing about something slightly different than my normal beauty reviews. At the moment, I am going through a busy spell at work and at times, I really feel like there aren't enough hours in the day. This winter I have noticed just how much influence work can have on your mental health and that if we are not careful, it can easily lead to depression. I found that it is very important to listen to my body during those times because the last thing I want is to be sitting at home with a burnout!

Give yourself time to relax and do absolutely nothing

A healthy work-life balance plays a large role in this and there are numerous ways through which you can achieve this. For me that means taking the time to relax. Forcing myself to do nothing for a change, as hard as I find that at times! In this post I want to share one of the ways through which I relax: by using of essential oils.

Row of Edens Semilla essential oils

I have always loved essential oils and have been using them on and off for years now. They are good for so many things. The easiest way to use them is in an aroma burner, you just add a couple of drops to the dish with water and light the candle underneath it. I bought a lovely stone aroma burner ages ago and it really is my go-to item, and not just to make my house smell lovely. Another way to use essential oils to relax is by adding a few drops to running water when taking a bath.

Use of rosemary essential oil in stone aroma burner

Those are probably options that most people are familiar with but did you know that a few drops of lavender oil on a pillow will make you sleep better? Or that eucalyptus oil in a bowl of hot water is great for steaming your face when you are suffering from blocked sinuses? Another thing you can use them for is to add fragrance to any unperfumed massage oil, body lotion or hand cream. You can use essential oils for anything really. I would always recommend using them diluted though so that you can benefit most from them.

Tray with Edens Semilla essential oils

For me, the ultimate way to use essential oils has to be the bath though. I find nothing more relaxing than running a bath and adding a couple of drops of lavender oil, and some candles and just close my eyes for a minute. I must admit, I do not often take the time to do this.

Flatlay of my collection of Edens Semilla essential oils

The oils I have been using recently are the Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils by Eden's Semilla. These are really good quality, strong oils made from 100% essential oil. I find that strong oils work much better, especially because you use them diluted, you want the oils to have enough strength left so you can fully benefit from what they have to offer. Another great thing about these oils is that they are colourless and not thick or super greasy. Ideal if you want to put a couple of drops on your pillow. The oils by Eden's Semilla are available here Alternatively, you can visit their website

What is your favourite way to relax after work? I would love to read all about it or if you have any other uses for essential oils, please do share this in a comment below!

Edens Semilla Essential Oils

I hope you have found this blog post useful and make sure you take the time to stop and relax every once in a while.

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