Monday 3 October 2016

Bristol Fashion Week: AW16 High Street Fashion Trends

Last week was quite an exciting week for me as I got to experience my very first fashion week! On Thursday 29 September, I travelled down to Bristol to see what the high street has in store for us this Autumn/Winter.

Bristol Fashion Week AW16 building logo

The fashion show took place in a massive tent outside of The Mall at Cribbs Causeway. Presented by fashion expert Mark Heyes and fashion designer Henry Holland, I attended one of 17 catwalk shows. In this post, I want to share the main trends with you and hopefully it will help you find something you like this season!

Bristol Fashion Week AW16 fashion trend Military

The first trend we see this season is Military. Inspired by the navy, this fashion style combines navy blue wool jackets with trousers and white tops with bright red. Ideal for daytime wear in the office. The fashions shown in this picture are from Marks & Spencer.

Bristol Fashion Week AW16 fashion trend Sportslux outfit

Bristol Fashion Week AW16 fashion trend Sportslux - jack wills bag

The second fashion trend we are seeing this season is Sportslux. Luxurious sports inspired pieces such as jerseys and sweatpants that can be worn casually or even when going out with friends. Soft, comfortable materials that you will want to wear all the time. The fashion shown in the pictures was presented by Jack Wills.

Bristol Fashion Week AW16 fashion trend oversized

Trend number three is Oversized. And I mean everything oversized. From jackets to skirts and from tops to jumpers. The colours we see are mustard yellow, navy blue and dark green. Comfy yet stylish warm winter clothing and I can't wait to try some out! The fashion presented in this picture is from Next.

Bristol Fashion Week AW16 fashion trend pastels

I absolutely love the next trend, Pastels. When I think about the word pastel, I always think of light yellow, pink or blue but in this case I see beautiful neutral tones of grey, beige and cream. The characteristics of this trend are loose, comfortable trousers, elegant dresses and wool coats. The model in the picture is wearing fashion from John Lewis.

Bristol Fashion Week AW16 fashion trend lifestyle outfit

The fifth trend this season is called Lifestyle and the name says it all really. It's your every day wear: a casual top/jacket with jeans and trainers. We see a variety in styles of jackets, from a trench coat to a less formal waxed jacket. Comfortable, warm and easy to wear. The fashion shown in the picture is from Crew.

Bristol Fashion Week AW16 fashion trend - gothic

Next up is Gothic. We are probably all familiar with this trend to some extent. Most of us associate black, dark colours with this trend which we definitely see back this season. As you can see in the picture above, it does not all have to be black though. Basic jersey fabrics are combined with more delicate lace. Makeup trends include smokey eyes and dark shades of lipstick. The model in the picture is wearing fashions from Coast.

Bristol Fashion Week AW16 fashion trend - mismatch

The seventh trend for Autumn/Winter is Mismatch and this basically involves anything you want to stick together. Patterned dresses with cardigans with different patterns and different colours. The fashion presented for this trend is from Cath Kidston and if you know this brand, you'll understand what I mean! ;-) Plastic, fabric, patterns, no patterns - everything is allowed in this trend.

Bristol Fashion Week AW16 fashion trend - fairytale

Trend number eight is called Fairytale and on the catwalk we see pinks, reds and lots of flowers. The dress in the picture above is from Karen Millen and was inspired by fashion from Dolce & Gabbana. Great eveningwear for a night out but also elegant dresses that can be worn to work.

Bristol Fashion Week AW16 fashion trend - animal

The next trend is Animal and we all know that that comes with a bit of (fake!) fur! I love this trend although I have to admit that I have never gone to that point of wearing something with either an animal print or fluffy fur. This season we can go wild as we see leopard print leggings, camel colour suede jackets and traditional faux fur coats. This trend really ties in with the fashion colours for this season in mustard yellow and colours of spices. The models in the picture are wearing fashions from John Lewis.

Bristol Fashion Week AW16 fashion trend - opulence

The last trend I want to share with you guys is Opulence. Think Great Gatsby wealth, big expensive looking jewellery, silky skirts and beautiful materials with rich embroidery. Again, we see colours such as rich navy blue and terra cotta red/orange.  Always good combined with a good pair of pumps. This trend is great for all ages. The model in the picture is wearing fashion from Marks & Spencer.

So there you have it! Ten gorgeous trends to get you started this season! I hope this will give you some ideas. Let me know how you get on by leaving a comment below!
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