Monday 4 July 2016

Self Made Shadow Palette - Anastasia Beverly Hills

This is the beautiful Self Made eye shadow palette by Anastasia Beverly Hills. This limited palette was created for the holiday period and I can see why. The colours consist of a mix of beautiful nude shades with some very bright blocks in between, I love it!

The palette comes in a nice box and is lined with black/silver fabric giving it a luxurious look. There are 14 stunning colours to choose from:

  • Pink Champagne - Metallic rose gold.
  • Metallic Plum - Satin orchid.
  • Self Made - Shimmering pewter grey satin.
  • Witchy - Mystical satin midnight blue.
  • Blush - Soft barely there peach.
  • Blossom - Muted petal pink with an ultra-matte finish.
  • Buttery - Sheer buildable matte beige.
  • Deep Purple - Enigmatic satin amethyst.
  • Treasure - Silky buttercup yellow with a satin finish.
  • Hot & Cold - Cosy cashmere taupe.
  • Sherbert - Ultra matte apricot.
  • Isla - Mesmerising sea foam green.
  • Spirit Rock - Sultry galaxy black sparkle.
  • Hot Chocolate - Rich cocoa brown with a matte finish.

I am not usually the sort of person to wear bold colours such as deep purple but to give you an idea of what this palette is like, I decided to at least try some colour. I started off with Treasure as a highlighter, then Isla on my eyelid and finally Witchy in the crease of my eye. I topped it off with some green eyeliner and black mascara and there you have it!

I have not applied that much so maybe it's hard to see but the colours are actually very pigmented and really nice to work with. I think the colour combinations are endless with this palette and there really is something there for everyone, whatever your style.

Overall I'm very impressed by this palette. The texture of the shadows is very soft yet they stay on nicely, especially on top of some eye primer. The price of this palette is not too bad either - £26. Definitely a must-have for the summer!

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Have any of you tried this palette and if so, what is your favourite colour combination?

Let me know by posting a comment below!

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