Wednesday, 17 October 2018

Beauty Outlet At Resorts World Birmingham: First Impression and Giveaway!


What do you do when a new beauty outlet store opens near you? Check it out of course! After the soft opening on Saturday 29 September, Beauty Outlet officially opened it's doors at Resorts World Birmingham on 06 October. I decided to pop by the following day to check out the store itself and the items they have to offer.


Sunday, 14 October 2018

Lacura by Aldi Skincare: To Dupe or Not To Dupe


Over the past few weeks, Instagram has gone crazy over the new range of Lacura Skincare items Aldi has been stocking in its stores. Now, we can all appreciate a good bargain and in this day and age for a lot of us, it is about saving pennies where we can. But a supermarket releasing a skincare range, can that be any good? And what if this supermarket pushes the boundaries with packaging so similar to that of bigger, more renouned, luxury skincare brands? When does an item become a dupe? In this post, I am directly comparing Aldi dupes to the 'real thing', considering packaging and ingredients, whilst reviewing the product itself.


Monday, 10 September 2018

Vivid And Vibrant: The New Stila AW18 Collection Revealed


September is one of my favourite months. It's the month of fashion weeks, fall collections appearing in stores and makeup brands showcasing their new Autumn/Winter lines. In this blog post, I want to introduce you to possibly the most amazing Autumn/Winter collection of one of my all-time favourite makeup brands: the Vivid & Vibrant collection by Stila.


Sunday, 9 September 2018

BeGlow TIA: All-In-One Sonic Skincare System

When it comes to skincare, cleansing and taking my makeup off at the end of the day, I look for the best of the best. One of the main causes of ageing skin and breakouts is not cleansing properly and allowing pores to get clogged up. But what is the best way to take off the day? Well, that depends on what you want and prefer. You can use a cleansing routine with your hands, wipes or cotton pads, but there are also some electrical or sonic cleansers that can assist you in removing even the smallest residues of makeup, the stuff that we often can't see. One of these sonic cleansers is the BeGlow TIA.


Monday, 3 September 2018

Coventry Bloggers × The Body Shop

Just over a week ago, I attended a blogger event at The Body Shop in Coventry to hear more about their new launches of this season. Now I have been using products from The Body Shop as long as I can remember. It was definitely a brand I grew up with in the Netherlands, always carrying a tub of their lip balm in my bag and looking out for bath and shower gift sets to give to my friends for their birthdays. In this post I'll be sharing their latest bodycare, skincare and makeup launches with you.



Tuesday, 28 August 2018

Three Primers I've Loved During The UK Heatwave

As I am writing this blog post, I look outside and see nothing but grey clouds and rain. Over the last few weeks, the UK weather has done a 180 degree turn going from a 30 °C heatwave to 15 °C with a cold feeling breeze. I'm not complaining though because I'm definitely not a heatwave sort of person at all. I have fair skin, so burn easily and unfortunately I sweat as well, so anything above 24 degrees and I feel like my makeup is dripping off my face! Dealing with the heatwave really made me rethink my makeup routine. How do I prevent my makeup from moving? The answer seemed simple: by using a good primer. However, finding the right primer that works can prove a little tricky. In this post I am sharing my top three favourites that really worked for me this summer.



Pestle & Mortar - Vegan Skincare Without All The Nasties


One of the places I love to visit here in Birmingham is Harvey Nichols in the Mailbox. It's that little bit of pure luxury I sometimes desperately crave. One of my favourite brands in Harvey Nichols is skincare brand Pestle & Mortar. The packaging alone screams pure indulgence but what are the products like? Pestle & Mortar promises to deliver

"Simple Solutions for Beautiful Skin"

with a less is more approach with founder Sonia Deasy's aim to deliver a simple, effective skincare routine. This sounds perfect to me, because with a full-time job, blog and baby on the way, time is something I do not have in the morning. And being in my thirties means that a good skincare routine has become massively important, with anti-ageing really being a thing right now.


Monday, 30 July 2018

First Impressions: Checking Out the New NYX Store at Birmingham Bullring


Last month something quite exciting happened. NYX Cosmetics opened its doors to one of the first standalone makeup stores in the UK at the Bullring here in Birmingham. I had the opportunity to check it out before the big opening to the public and it wouldn't be the same without sharing my experience with you...


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