Tuesday, 16 June 2020

Review: African Extracts


The world of skincare is constantly evolving. It is hard to keep up sometimes because there are so many brands and so many products are being released every single week. What I have found in my skincare journey though is that you really get to know your own skin, what works and more importantly what does not work. Now this is different for each individual, let's be clear on that. What does not work for me, might still work for you and vice versa. I have never been one to follow trends to be honest, but one thing I have been intrigued by is the incorporation of Rooibos into skincare products. I have seen this pop up quite a few times recently so when I was contacted by African Extracts, a brand that uses Bio-Active Rooibos extract as their main ingredient, I was eager to learn more. I have been using a range of products from African Extracts for over a month now, so time to share some thoughts!