Sunday, 17 May 2020

4 Ways To Look Cute During Lockdown

**Disclaimer: This post contains products that were kindly gifted for the purpose of review and are therefore listed as an unpaid advertisement. All opinions are my own**

Welcome to week...oh whatever, I can't even remember how many weeks it has been since the start of lockdown. But here in the UK we are still spending most of our time at home (which is a good thing in my opinion if we want to get rid of good old Corona..) so I figured it was about time I shared some looks with you and some tips to look cute even though we're not going anywhere. Just a few things from Femme Luxe Finery that have really helped me feel a little more normal on a daily basis. Femme Luxe Finery is a super cute online shop that sells clothingshoes and accessories that are all totally Insta-worthy yet so comfortable. I know, that sounds perfect right?! They have kindly gifted me a few pieces so let me show you what items I've picked and how to style them.