Tuesday, 28 August 2018

Three Primers I've Loved During The UK Heatwave

As I am writing this blog post, I look outside and see nothing but grey clouds and rain. Over the last few weeks, the UK weather has done a 180 degree turn going from a 30 °C heatwave to 15 °C with a cold feeling breeze. I'm not complaining though because I'm definitely not a heatwave sort of person at all. I have fair skin, so burn easily and unfortunately I sweat as well, so anything above 24 degrees and I feel like my makeup is dripping off my face! Dealing with the heatwave really made me rethink my makeup routine. How do I prevent my makeup from moving? The answer seemed simple: by using a good primer. However, finding the right primer that works can prove a little tricky. In this post I am sharing my top three favourites that really worked for me this summer.


Pestle & Mortar - Vegan Skincare Without All The Nasties


One of the places I love to visit here in Birmingham is Harvey Nichols in the Mailbox. It's that little bit of pure luxury I sometimes desperately crave. One of my favourite brands in Harvey Nichols is skincare brand Pestle & Mortar. The packaging alone screams pure indulgence but what are the products like? Pestle & Mortar promises to deliver

"Simple Solutions for Beautiful Skin"

with a less is more approach with founder Sonia Deasy's aim to deliver a simple, effective skincare routine. This sounds perfect to me, because with a full-time job, blog and baby on the way, time is something I do not have in the morning. And being in my thirties means that a good skincare routine has become massively important, with anti-ageing really being a thing right now.