Monday, 14 October 2019

The Inkey List: Affordable AND Effective?

**Disclaimer: This post contains products that were kindly sent to me for the purpose of review and are therefore listed as an advertisement. All opinions are my own**


I don't think it's a secret that most of us want great skin without any blemishes, full of radiance and perhaps minimal signs of ageing. But with such an enormous amount of products out there, I find that skincare, and finding a routine that works for you, can be at times very overwhelming. Perhaps you're not sure where to start. Relatively new brand The Inkey List have addressed the issue and are keeping things simple, from their packaging to the products. Their motto:

"Quality ingredients made simple"

They have taken 15 of the most wanted and potent ingredients in skincare, with the aim to make them accessable and affordable. But does making them affordable mean that the quality suffers or have they really hit a gap in the market, proving that great skincare doesn't have to break the bank? I tested out four of their products, so let's read on and find out.