Sunday, 15 December 2019

Last Minute Christmas Beauty Gift Guide

**Disclaimer: This post contains products that were kindly sent to me for the purpose of review and are therefore listed as an advertisement. All opinions are my own**

Can you believe Christmas is only 10 days away?! Have you finished your Christmas shopping yet? If you have, well done! If you haven't, I've got you covered with this last minute Christmas beauty gift guide. Read on and allow your head to be filled with all the last minute beauty inspiration you need.

Sunday, 1 December 2019

Review: Essence Cosmetics Crystal Power Collection

**Disclaimer: This post contains products that were kindly sent to me for the purpose of review and are therefore listed as an advertisement. All opinions are my own**


Hello! I can't believe it's the first of December. Are you counting down til Christmas yet? Before I throw a little beauty gift guide your way, I wanted to share one more Autumn/Winter collection with you and you'll be pleased to know it's an affordable one. Meet the Crystal Power Collection by Essence Cosmetics. In this blog post I'll talk you through the products, show you some swatches and some makeup looks of course as well as giving you my honest opinion about each of the items to give you an idea. Does that sound good? Okay, read on!

Monday, 11 November 2019

Five Cleansing Balms You Need For Dry Winter Skin

**Disclaimer: This post contains products that were kindly sent to me for the purpose of review and are therefore listed as an advertisement, aswell as products that were purchased by myself. All opinions are my own**


Cleansing balms. I absolutely love them! They are travel-friendly, melt makeup off like nothing else and isn't that smooth texture, that magically turns into an oil, just the most satisfying thing ever?! I'm all here for them and this winter, you should be too as indoor heating and the outdoor cold tend to dry out our skin. As there are many cleansing balms to choose from these days, I totally get it if you're feeling a little overwhelmed right now. That's why I am giving you my top 5 cleansing balms which will hopefully give you a good idea. Happy reading! 😊

Monday, 4 November 2019

Review: Victoria Beckham Beauty Lid Lustre


Victoria Beckham, in my book, is one of the most successful women in the UK. From the Spice Girls to her own fashion brand, from Estée Lauder to Victoria Beckham Beauty. That's right. Last September, Victoria Beckham Beauty finally launched. Starting off with four eyeshadow palettes, four eyeshadows and three eyeliners with lips to follow soon after. Is this just another mediocre brand attached to a famous face, or do the products really offer something worth buying? In this post I am reviewing two of the Lid Lustre single eyeshadows. Read on to see what it's all about.

Monday, 14 October 2019

The Inkey List: Affordable AND Effective?

**Disclaimer: This post contains products that were kindly sent to me for the purpose of review and are therefore listed as an advertisement. All opinions are my own**


I don't think it's a secret that most of us want great skin without any blemishes, full of radiance and perhaps minimal signs of ageing. But with such an enormous amount of products out there, I find that skincare, and finding a routine that works for you, can be at times very overwhelming. Perhaps you're not sure where to start. Relatively new brand The Inkey List have addressed the issue and are keeping things simple, from their packaging to the products. Their motto:

"Quality ingredients made simple"

They have taken 15 of the most wanted and potent ingredients in skincare, with the aim to make them accessable and affordable. But does making them affordable mean that the quality suffers or have they really hit a gap in the market, proving that great skincare doesn't have to break the bank? I tested out four of their products, so let's read on and find out.
Sunday, 30 June 2019

8 Holiday Beauty Essentials Your Suitcase Needs This Summer

**Disclaimer: This post contains products that were kindly sent to me for the purpose of review and are therefore listed as an advertisement. All opinions are my own**

Can you believe it's the last day of June?! Half of 2019 is gone, that's it, done! And as we are approaching July, the summer holiday season starts. Whatever your plans, if you're struggling to keep your beauty to a minimum or simply don't know what to bring, no worries! I've got you covered with my top 8 holiday beauty essentials you need this summer!
Thursday, 27 June 2019

Revlon Candid: The Next Best Thing in Drugstore Makeup?

**Disclaimer: The products in this post were kindly sent to me for the purpose of review and are therefore listed as an advertisement. All opinions are my own**

When it comes to my base, I am quite picky. Having combination skin with an oily T-zone, but dehydrated and sensitive cheeks can make it hard to find a foundation that works for both. One brand that I have been very impressed with is Revlon. For years my daily go-to foundation has been the Colorstay for combination/oily skin. It's not too heavy, has a great semi-matte finish and lasts all day. So when I found out Revlon were releasing the new Photoready Candid range that focuses on anti-pollution I was intrigued and had to try it! Does it live up to Colorstay? Read on and find out.

Friday, 14 June 2019

How To Get Fuller Lips Without Injections - Review and Giveaway

**Disclaimer: The products in this post were kindly sent to me for the purpose of review and are therefore listed as an advertisement. All opinions are my own**

Lip fillers, Botox and other cosmetic procedures. It's all an option these days and when it comes to using treatments to fight ageing and look younger, the world really is your oyster. These treatments do come at a cost though, and not everyone is keen on seeing that needle. Yet, the pressure of looking a certain way is very real and is heavily influenced by celebrities and social media. But do we have a choice to do it differently? Does not wanting that needle mean you won't be able to have fuller lips? Or are there alternatives? In this post I am reviewing the CODE SSL Soft Smooth Lip Liner and CODE LIP Lip Intense Plumper by Code Beautiful. Do they work? Read on and find out!

Thursday, 6 June 2019

Trinny London: Stackable, Travel-friendly Makeup

**Disclaimer: The products in this post were kindly sent to me for the purpose of review and are therefore listed as an advertisement. All opinions are my own**
Image of products of Trinny London
Hello June! We are nearing Summer and the season of travel and holidays. As airlines are becoming stricter when it comes to baggage allowance, and are charging for absolutely everything (Yes Ryanair, I am looking at you. I can't believe you are charging for cabin luggage!), travel-friendly beauty is a must. Trinny London does not only satisfy your need for mini's, they are stackable too! The only thing is, you do have to spend a few pennies! But perhaps it might just be worth it? Let's find out..
Monday, 20 May 2019

Review: Blink Brow Bar Shape and Tint

**Disclaimer: The products and services in this post were kindly gifted for the purpose of review and are therefore listed as an unpaid advertisement. All opinions are my own**

An image of Blink Brow Bar at Selfridges Birmingham Bullring

Brows, most of us have them and they come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. From the thin, overplucked ones I've seen growing up, to the fuller, bushy brows we are seeing today. One thing is clear, brows form the frame of our faces so taking care of them and making them look the best they can be is key. Now like me, you can choose to do this at home. However, getting them done at the salon is such a nice treat and nowadays there are so many amazing brow bars out there. So when Blink Brow Bar invited me to pop by their bar at Selfridges, Birmingham I couldn't say no! Curious to see what I got done and what services they offer? Read on and find out!

Sunday, 12 May 2019

Diego Dalla Palma Full Face Palette and Nudissimo Lipsticks Review

**Disclaimer: The products in this post were kindly sent to me for the purpose of review and are therefore listed as an advertisement. All opinions are my own**

Image showing the Diego Dalla Palma Full Face Palette and three Nudissimo Lipsticks

Being a beauty blogger means trying out new products and I must admit, over the years I have gathered quite a few! However, on a daily basis I find myself reaching for the same staple items in my makeup bag and to be honest, I love a quick makeup routine with products that serve multiple purposes. So I end up using my bronzer and highlighter on my eyes. Although I own a small pile of lipsticks, I hardly ever wear any and my quest for the perfect nude continues.. Or have I finally found it in the Diego Dalla Palma Nudissimo lipsticks? And is their Full Face Palette really the only palette you need to create a full face of makeup? Let me tell you all about it in this post.

Wednesday, 1 May 2019

Benefit Makeup Application Review

**Disclaimer: I was kindly gifted the Benefit Cosmetics makeover for the purpose of review and is therefore listed as an advertisement. All opinions are my own.**


Imagine this: It's Saturday and you have the biggest plans for a good night out so you need to look your very best. Your makeup is one of those things that simply has to be on point, am I right? But what if you're not that confident in applying it yourself? Do you ask a friend to do it for you? These days there is another option, get it done at one of your favourite makeup counters at big department stores such as Debenhams. They often charge for the makeover, but with the amount paid being redeemable against any products, its a win-win! Now, I can totally get it if you're a bit sceptical, paying for a service when you don't know whether they'll deliver what you want. Well, that's why I'm here to review it for you! I was invited to a makeup application session by Benefit Cosmetics, at their counter in Debenhams Coventry. Read on to find out how that went.

Tuesday, 9 April 2019

Mask Time: Affordable Korean Sheet Mask Subscription Box

**Disclaimer: The products in this post were kindly sent to me for the purpose of review and are therefore listed as an advertisement. All opinions are my own**


Anyone who is a little into their beauty will have seen them everywhere, beauty subscription boxes are a huge hit! Not only is it a great way to try out new products without splurging, but it also reminds you to have a good old pamper every once in a while! Most boxes I've seen contain either makeup, skincare or a mix of both. But what if you could get a box filled with Korean sheet masks? Korean sheet masks contain all the goodness but can be hard to get your hands on. Fear not, Mask Time has got you covered!

Sunday, 7 April 2019

English Mineral Makeup Company Review

**Disclaimer: The products in this post were sent by PR for review consideration without the obligation to post. All opinions are my own.**


Spring is officially here and as the temperatures go up towards Summer, the makeup items I grab for change. Liquid foundations that suffocate my skin? No, thank you! What about the other kid on the block? Mineral foundations, made with, yes you've got that right, minerals! Minerals have antibacterial and anti-inflammatory characteristics and protect your skin rather than doing it harm. They are also perfect for sensitive skin. The English Mineral Makeup Company has come up with colour correctors, foundations and blushes, but will they do the trick? Let's have a look.

Sunday, 17 February 2019

Review: Procoal Marine Moisture Mask [AD]


When it comes to weekend indulgence, I like to take some 'me time' to relax, think about self care and have a little pamper. As my weekdays usually consist of a face full of makeup (although I have to admit these have been pretty rare since having a baby!), I like to go makeup free and do a bit of skincare Sunday. What better way to do this than with a face mask? I love trying out new masks and this time I have a review for you of the Procoal Marine Moisture Mask (£13.99 per pack of three), a hydrating charcoal sheet mask. Is it any good, and does the charcoal add anything? Read on and find out!

Wednesday, 13 February 2019

Stila SS19: Optimal Illusion - Review and Swatches


Stila have done it again! They have released the new SS19 collection and let me tell you, she's a stunner. This spring/summer nothing is what it seems with Stila's new Optimal Illusion collection. With a new primer, skin perfector, powder, highlighting palette, face gloss, eyeshadow palette and a number of eyeshadows and lippies to choose from, there is bound to be something in it for everyone. Let me talk you through some of the gorgeous new releases.

Wednesday, 6 February 2019

Valentines Day Wishlist: Top 5 Things To Get Date Ready [AD]

This post is a paid advertisement in collaboration with Panasonic, however all opinions shared in this post are 100% my own.

Valentine's Day is just over a week away which means lots of limited edition beauty releases. Whether you have an important date planned with that special person, or whether you're planning a Galentine's Day in or out, with this wishlist I guarantee you'll be date ready!

1. Great Hair
For me personally, looking the best I can be starts with a good hair day. Unfortunately I am not blessed with a great head of hair. It's straight, thin and falls out easily. Any volume I manage to add tends to last all but two seconds! At least I can do something about the dull colour by adding highlights every once in a while. Anyway, if you have fine hair like me that lacks in volume, you might agree that a good hair dryer is key. One that I currently have on my wish list is a portable hair dryer by Panasonic.
Panasonic Nanoe Ion Hair Dryer in Pink - Image credit: Panasonic official website
The Nanoe Ion Hair Dryer (£109.99) makes use of the Nanoe technology which is said to maintain up to 1000 times more moisture than a regular hair dryer, resulting in shiny, frizz free hair. I absolutely love the sound of this because with my fine hair I feel that I have to use a hair dryer to create volume, but with that comes damage caused by my brush and the hair dryer, and very dry ends. So I'm definitely up for anything that could reduce this! Besides, the hair dryer is available in trendy rose gold and hot pink, what's not to love?!

2. Flawless Base
YSL All Hours Liquid Foundation - Image credit: YSL official website
To many of us, makeup and achieving that flawless base is just as important as having amazing hair (the song does state 'It's all about that base' after all!). The foundation that does that for me is the All Hours Liquid Foundation by YSL (£35). This foundation is definitely full coverage and has a matte finish. YSL claim the foundation offers a 24hr matte finish and they are not lying. It really does stay put all day. With this does come that you need to work it fast, because once it dries that's it! I work it in with a dense brush and finish with a beauty blender.

Hourglass Vanish Seamless Foundation Stick - Image credit: Hourglass, Harvey Nichols website

If you're looking for a quick fix, you might be better off with a foundation stick. I have been using the Hourglass Vanish Seamless Foundation Stick (£42). It's quick and easy to use and a little goes a long way. I use a brush to blend it in, which it does really nicely. It has a satin finish and can be built up to full coverage that lasts up to 12 hours.

Revlon Colorstay Foundation Combination/Oily - Image credit: Revlon, Superdrug website
In case the above two options are a little outside of your budget, I also love the Revlon Colorstay Foundation for combination/oily skin (£12.99). This drugstore foundation is my everyday go-to, offers medium coverage and a velvet matte finish that lasts all day. It's oil free which is perfect for combination/oily skin, but rest assured if you have normal/dry skin, because Colorstay also comes in a normal/dry version. I apply this liquid foundation with a dense brush and finish with a beauty blender.

3. Killer Lashes
LancĂŽme Monsieur BIG Mascara - Image credit: LancĂŽme official website
If you really want to get someone's attention, you need to flutter those eyelashes and show them what you've got! I find that mascara really finish the look and I know I wouldn't be the same without it. This Valentine's Day there are so many limited editions out there. One that I've got my eyes on is the Monsieur BIG by LancĂŽme (£21.50), because it's meant to provide thicker lashes than ever before without clumping. Besides, how pretty is the Valentine's Day Limited Edition?! Definitely one I am considering getting right now.

4. Bold Statement Lips
Of course it's not all about the eyes and a bold statement lippie is just as important. Whether you're a pink girl or love your reds, do whatever makes you feel comfortable. Personally I am a nude lip kind of girl, but I do like going for something a bit more statement every once in a while. One of my favourite lipstick formulas is the YSL Rouge VoluptĂ© Shine (£29) as it's pretty glossy without the sticky formula of a lip gloss. The lipstick is super nourishing, moisturises the lips and is super comfortable to wear. This Valentine's Day, YSL has released 5 new fashionable shades of the Rouge VoluptĂ© Shine Oil-In-Stick lipstick with limited edition hearts and arrows on the packaging. How cute is that!
YSL Rouge Volupté Shine - Image credit: YSL official website
If you are looking for an alternative on a budget, you must give Kiko Milano's Sweetheart lipstick (£6.90) a try. Super cute in its heart-shaped design and just like the YSL lipstick, creamy and shiny. I have previously reviewed the Kiko Milano Valentine's Day limited edition lipstick (read here), and this time they have released the lipsticks in a two-tone version to create that beautiful ombre effect. Definitely worth a try if you ask me.

5. A Touch of Bling

With Valentine's Day come gifts and in my opinion some bling to show off when you're out on a date. For me, the most elegant jewellery is a gorgeous tennis bracelet. I don't know what it is, but I love the way they sit around a beautiful wrist. Now I am a big fan of rose gold, so for the purpose of this wishlist I have picked out one by Swarovski and one on a budget by Warren James who always have some amazing deals.
Swarovski Rose Gold Plated Tennis Bracelet - Image credit: Swarovski official website

Warren James Sterling Silver Rose Gold Finish Friendship Bracelet - Image credit: Warren James official website

That concludes my little Valentine's Day wishlist. I hope it has inspired you for this year's Valentine's, no matter what your plans are.

Tuesday, 5 February 2019

Pixi Beauty: The Skincare Edit [AD]

This post contains gifted items as part of an ongoing relationship with Pixi Beauty, as well as items I have purchased myself. All opinions however are 100% my own.

Hello 2019! By the time I am writing this, we are starting February so surely that means I am way too late with saying Happy New Year right?! Well, fact is we are in 2019, a new year, which usually means starting off with a mountain of new year's resolutions. I personally don't do them but it's hard to avoid the heaps of adverts about being healthy, getting fit and let's not forget all the numerous dating sites.


Although I don't place myself in any of these boxes, it doesn't mean I can't jump on the bandwagon of wanting to be healthier and sorting out a good skincare routine plays a big part in that. Last year I spent the majority of the year being pregnant and with that comes naturally glowing skin which is pretty low maintenance. This time however, I am finding myself going back to the issues I had before: tired skin, puffy bags under my eyes and redness on my cheeks. Over the years I have tried many brands, creams and other skincare but there haven't been many items my skin agreed with until I tried Pixi Beauty. Last year I was incredibly lucky to get the opportunity to collaborate with them and try out some of their products, so it's only fair that I dedicate this blog post to Pixi and share with you the products I am currently loving.